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Control system for gravure printing

Control system for gravure printing

The S Package Gravure series offers a control system for sectional gravure printing presses that helps dramatically increase the efficiency of producing packaging material.

Key components, control software and a signal interface are all included in the system. This all-in-one-package design makes it simple to program the smart (multifunctional) control system.

1. Reduction feature of initial & post-splicing loss

This function reduces the convergence time required for initial register and post-splicing register. Sumitomo Heavy Industries’ proprietary algorithm minimizes the effects that registering in the initial stages has on the later stages. In addition, sectional control helps to greatly reduce lost time by virtue of the shorter initial register time.

loss cut

2. Re-printing function

Compensator-less function, with unlimited control strokes, enables adjustment of printing pitch while controlling the vertical register. This system has re-printing function. It can print additions without additional mechanism or adjustment by expanding input and output specification. Figure 8 ink and unit two controlling both vertical register and printing pitch.

3. Inline control of the processing part

Digital Controller System MX is a package of gravure and compensator-less control. It basically is a general controller to expand a completely synchronized system with inline gravure. Diagrams 11 through 13 express variable flexography rotary press, rotary die cut and sheet cutter. Their location detection may be shared by increasing one channel of the variable flexography. Especially the processing control at the end of gravure printing may be constructed simple, because it does not interfere with compensator-less package.

4. Color jump and printing without ink

Sectional control for individually controlling each unit enables optional color jump. This feature is good for color fixing of the unit. In this system, distance between nip rollers and distance between colors are calculated individually to reflect them to the control. Individual calculation enables optional control every time for pausing the intermediate unit and for printing without ink. Sectional control contributes to processing colors on sensitive materials. This is because printing cylinders with different diameters may be used for intermediate printing with ink.

5. Reverse (Path) printing

Sectional control also has the advantage of optional changing rotational direction of each unit. In addition, this system enable phase and register control just as in the forward path by switching path length. This is possible even for the reverse path through the printing unit.

6. Coater mode

Sectional drive enables flexible adoption when using the gravure printing unit as the coater.
Because each unit is driven individually, the unit can be synchronized by the setting of length of circumstance. This is true even when the diameter differs between the coating and printing roll. Furthermore, when a certain speed ratio is desired for material speed, ratio control is possible by +/-0.01% precision. In addition, reverse coating is possible by reverse rotation of the roll. Expand the specification of control package and input signal of tension pick-up between the colors for tension control of the coating roll.

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